Goindex免服务器搭建谷歌网盘索引 | Serverless Google drive indexing


Goindex将Google Drive通过Cloudflare网络生成无需科学上网即可访问的在线文件目录。|Combining the power of Cloudflare Workers and Google Drive will allow you to index you files on the browser on Cloudflare Workers.


Rclone+Caddy直连谷歌网盘在线播放 | Streaming via web pages


Rclone挂载Google Drive利用Caddy生成文件列表实现nPlayer在线播放。|Mount google drive using rclone and stream online with caddy and nplayer.


一行代码实现一键返回顶部 | Back to top in one line of code


通过添加锚点的方式结合smooth-scroll完成一键平滑滚动到顶部。| On click to top using anchor link and smooth-scroll in a much more easy and natural way.


用Smooth-scroll实现平滑滚动 | It makes scrolling smooth & natural


Smooth-scroll是用于以动画滚动到锚定链接的轻量级脚本,适用于大多数浏览器。| A lightweight script to animate scrolling to anchor links. Smooth-scroll works great with most browsers.


为网站加入Loading加载页 | Add loading page to your site


用CSS实现在网页加载时显示Loading加载页。| Display loading page while loading using pure CSS.


Caddy从入门到多站配置教程 | Ready your sites with Caddy


Caddy是Go语言开发的网站服务器程序,配置极简好用,本文将结合本站配置示例,带你轻松配置HTTPS网站。| Caddy is a web server program developed by Go, simple and easy to use. This article will combine the configuration example of this site to let you easily configure your HTTPS website.


用Hugo生成静态博客 | Generate your static blog using Hugo


Hugo是一款使用Go语言编写的开源静态网站生成器,很适合数据量不大的个人博客使用。| Hugo is an open source static website generator written in Go lang, which is suitable for personal blogs.


Filebrowser轻松管理VPS文件 | Deploy Filebrowser in one click


FileBrowser作为一款远程文件浏览器,可以轻松地把你的服务器变为私人网盘。| FileBrowser makes it easy to turn your server into a private cloud drive.


谷歌云VPS入门指南 | Getting started with Google Cloud VPS


开启谷歌云VPS,打开新世界的大门。分享谷歌云创建VPS教程,带你玩转谷歌云VPS。| Things u have to know about launching a VPS on Google Cloud Platform.


Chrome恐龙彩蛋那些事 | Fun facts about Chrome dino


这个网站有彩蛋?玩起来!| Easter egg inside, start hunting!